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Kryteria, funkcje i zakres nadzoru penitencjarnego. Uwagi na tle ogólnych pojęć kontroli i nadzoru

  1. Tomasz Kalisz ORCiD: 0000-0002-9751-3616


Criteria, roles and the scope of penitentiary supervision. View of the background of the general concepts of control and supervision

Judicial penitentiary supervision is one of many precautionary measures applied to corrections institutions, securing their proper, specifically lawful, operation. Books of authority on law of punishment infliction hold that penitentiary supervision is an instrument of control and supervision, used with respect to liberty deprivation means. In the discussion aimed at defining penitentiary supervision, one must raise the issues of the scope of supervision and its legal criteria. The tasks so defined make up a conceptual framework and bring to the fore the axiological foundations of the institution in question. This operation, apart from its theoretical value, makes it possible to bring order to and describe in greater detail particular measures provided for within penitentiary supervision. This, in turn, may improve its functioning in the longer term.

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29, 2013

Strony od 125 do 145

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